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Blind Bags Galore: Choosing Marketing Goodies

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It’s a question a lot of people ask. Someone I know thought a table talker was what you call a conference phone on a desk in an office. In actual fact, table talkers are nifty little 3D standing posters that sit on tables or counters in any public facing establishment like hotels, pubs, office foyers or bars. Usually table talkers are accompanied by large rolled banners or menus depending on where they are and are made by companies like

Table talkers are usually covered in interesting and insightful information about what is on offer so that approaching customers won’t think twice binder-1276977_640about buying what’s on offer. They’re also fantastic as bitesize information for customers. No one wants to go out to eat or drink and be left the War and Peace of offers and information. Smaller bites of facts and figures keeps customers interested. Did you know that recently, Stafford Borough Council used table talkers to roll out an initiative urging people to reduce their salt intake? This was following a very successful initiative of chip shops using different shaped salt shakers with only one hole to encourage less salt usage. Across independent eateries in Staffordshire, pub owners have been cleverly placing condiments into plastic table talkers detailing the dangers of overusing salt and the effects it has on the body.

Table talkers have been used in a very effective way here, as people usually menu fiddle and chat while waiting for their food. This way, not only are customers gaining a little education on the effects of salt in their diets, but they’re also getting out there the use of table talkers which can encourage other business owners to also use them. Companies like produce table talkers along with other printable advertising like posters and calendars. They’re supplied pre-creased so they can be folded easily and quickly which is exactly what you need for your business. You can plan a whole year’s promotions and have them scheduled to send to your customers through the year to keep them up to date on information and this really helps to maintain excellent relationships with them. Using them combined with roller banners in company foyers can really make for an effective package deal and Bell Graphics have many special packages available.

Table talkers make for excellent centre pieces but are also excellent value for money and companies like understand that. Instant marketing for your company and usually can be ordered in a variety of sizes. Table talkers are generally used to promote the best deals of the restaurant in question. Wetherspoons have been using these for quite a while now and you can often see the immediate offers available before even glancing at the menu. They frequently advertise the latest in drinks offers, or drinks for the season at the time and table talkers being used to advertise this has been really effective.

If you didn’t know what they were before, you certainly do now!

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